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On the 17th October in La Rioja Technology Center (Think Tic) the third edition of the event "The App Date La Rioja," a reference meeting for professionals and enthusiasts of developing applications for mobile devices.

In this event Javier Santana presented us AgroGuia, an App for farmers that allow them to use the geolocation services of a mobile phone to assist in field. AgroGuia displays in real time the status of your work in the field, showing for example the proportion of cultivated field and what`s left to work.

The geolocation is a relatively new concept that has proliferated about a few years, and refers to the knowledge of the particular geographic location automatically.

With the help of the geolocation application farmers save a lot of money in their tasks and allow them to save time by not duplicating resources and efforts.

Javier show how a simple homemade code can be converted into a global application and try to motivate to Web Apps students encouraging them to looking for jobs both small and large companies (Cartodb, Google, ..) because they lack many programmers eager to succeed in the industry.

Today and through his dedication and high level of entrepreneurship Javier Santana is working with companies like Google, NASA and Wall Street Journal, developing geolocation applications with the company CartoDB.