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In the second presentation of the APP DATA DAY, José Luis Garcia, the co-founder of the company Fluzo discusses one of the applications that have been developed by AXN called SYNC, the company is currently working on first and second screens.

This application is that when viewing such an episode of "NCIS" series on AXN, the finger print technology, the app recognizes and identifies the audiovisual content either live or recorded. The sound of the episode and then links the first and the second screen, instantly synchronizing what happens in the episode featuring extra content. It can be done from your mobile phone, computer or tablet.

If for example, you are late or miss watching your favorite series, the app shows where you are in the chapter you are and what has happened so far.

Nowadays everyone has a smart phone and we take it everywhere we go, so applications like this are becoming popular and it seems that, with every passing day, then are more likely to be implemented.

You can see a demo video at this link: