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On the second week of november, we had two very special English lessons because four young English people came to our class.

At the beginning we were a bit scared: what about if we didn´t understand a word when they spoke englis with their original accent?

They arrived at ten o´clock. They are people with a disability and they came to spain to participate in an European project.

At the beginning they were very nervous but then, they started talking and everything was easy. They were Daniel, Steve, Liona and Amanda and came with two teachers, kay and Dave.

they had prepared a power point about England, about their conty Yorkshire and about their school. we learned famous British monuments, places, customs, food, symbols,... Then we got ready to have a quiz. We worked in gropus to answer the questions they asked about what we had seen. At that moment, we didn´t have more feras or doubts about our English because we could understand most of what they said.

The competition began. When we answered correctly Amanda gave us a paper Bristh coin (what a pity!). The gropu which had more coins was the winner.

They also acted aout pretending to be royal guards. We had to be the typical tourist who did stupid things to make them laugh. Dave, the teacher, and Daniel were very good guards. They didn´t move at all.

Suddenly, we looked at the watch and it was eleven o´clock!

They gave us a chocolate they brought from England (delicious!)

It was a sweet way of saying good-bye and everybody was very happy and excited with this experience. Those English lessons went over very quickly. It was a really English time!!